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Chimney Sweeps & Inspection Services Dryden

Mantario Chimney is the most trusted chimney sweep and inspection service in Dryden. We provide a complete range of services including chimney sweeps, WETT inspection, fireplace installation, dryer vent cleaning, boiler chimney repair, and much more. We are here to take complete care of your chimney, fireplace, hearth, and flue systems. Our professional cleaning services ensure your fireplace and chimney are safe and functional. We check every component to make sure that there are no issues or damage. Our chimney sweep process involves removing soot, debris, creosote, and ash to prevent chimney fires. We aim to keep toxic fumes out of your home and avoid a serious fire hazard.
When creosote deposition in your chimney exceeds one-fourth inch, continuing to use it becomes risky. Our chimney inspection and sweep services are proven effective in eliminating these risks and improving the efficiency of your fireplace. We have highly trained technicians to complete all chimney and fireplace-related jobs efficiently without damaging your property. We strive to complete every job on time and within budget. Our customer-first approach ensures your complete satisfaction. Whether your fireplace isn’t functioning properly or smoke is entering your home, we are here to fix all issues.

Fireplace Installations & W.E.T.T Inspections Dryden

Mantario Chimney is the one-stop solution for all your fireplace and chimney needs. From chimney cleaning to fireplace installation, we are proficient in offering a range of services. Our team is equipped to install all types of fireplaces- wood stoves, electric & gas fireplace, a wood burning fireplace, pellet stoves, and more. When it comes to installing a fireplace unit and venting system, the entire process should be in strict accordance with the local building codes, manufacturer's installation requirements, industry standards, and local authority regulations. Whether you need installation service or WETT inspection, hiring professionals makes sense.
WETT inspection is performed for solid fuel-burning appliances by a WETT-certified inspector. As a complete chimney and fireplace service in Dryden, we not only provide WETT inspection and chimney sweeps, but also install steel liners, chimney rain caps, animal screens, top sealing dampers, and more. Without proper maintenance, your system could develop several issues such as excessive creosote buildup, decaying chimney mortar, rusted dampers, cracked crowns, or broken faulty chimney liners. Our timely repair and maintenance services will keep your fireplace functional and chimney safe. We can inspect your system and fix issues to save you the cost and inconvenience of experiencing costly problems.