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Chimney Sweeps & Inspection Services Kenora

Your home’s fireplace or wood-burning stove is the best thing to keep your place warm and cozy during freezing winter. But do you know it can also cause a house fire if not properly maintained? At Mantario Chimney, we aim to keep your home warm and safe by offering quality chimney inspection and cleaning services. As chimney sweep experts, we are trained at offering a complete solution- fireplace installation, chimney sweeping, and repair. Our regular chimney sweep service in Kenora can eliminate the risk of fire and smoke intoxication besides improving the performance of your chimney. Our process involves careful inspection and cleaning to remove flammable creosote build-up in the chimney that can burst into flames if not cleaned. We perform both interior and exterior fireplace and chimney inspections to ensure that every component is safe and functional.
Our services include fireplace & chimney installation, WETT inspection, chimney sweeps, dryer vent cleaning, boiler chimney inspection and repair, and much more. From the smoke chamber to the dryer vent, our technicians can check every part to detect potential issues. Our chimney inspection service reveals issues such as blockage and damage that needs to be fixed. Whether you need a W.E.T.T inspection or cleaning service, we always take all the necessary precautions to protect your home. Our team will ensure that no mess is left behind post-chimney cleaning. We use a high-powered vacuum to effectively remove chimney soot, ash, and dust.

Fireplace Installations & W.E.T.T Inspections Kenora, ON

Mantario Chimney specializes in providing a complete fireplace installation, inspection, cleaning, and repair solution. We have trained technicians to skillfully install all types of fireplaces- wood stoves, electric & gas fireplace, a wood burning fireplace, pellet stoves, and more. Our certified technicians can perform WETT (Wood Energy Technology Training) installation, maintenance, and inspection of wood-energy products. We strive to provide excellent services to keep your fireplace and chimney safe and functional. We perform a thorough visual inspection and safety compliance of your system.

If you keep using the fireplace without thinking about a chimney sweep, it leads to soot and debris build-up that can block the airflow. Blockage and poor airflow increase the risk of fire and smoke inhalation. We not only inspect and clean the chimney but also perform the needed repair work. We can fix flaws and ensure that your fireplace and chimney meet the safety codes. We also install rain and animal chimney covers to prevent wildlife from nesting in your chimney. A rain cover is also necessary to keep clay and steel liners safe. Our team uses advanced techniques to inspect difficult-to-reach structures and identify problems. Our chimney sweeping service helps in:
• Avoiding Chimney Fires
• Increases Warmth & Comfort
• Prevent the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
• Improve Performance