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Chimney Cleaning / Sweeps
WETT Inspections (for Insurance)
Chimney Installations
Chimney Inspections
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Chimney Liner Installations
Chimney Repairs / Fireplace Repairs
Chimney Removal
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Sweeps & General Inspections

No mess sweeping process

Add peace of mind
Having your chimney inspected & swept annually is an essential part of the health of your wood burning appliance & chimney system

General Inspections of your wood burning appliance & chimney are required annually by the National Fire Code of Canada. Upon inspection your wood burning system must be cleaned/swept as deemed necessary.

National Fire Code of Canada

Also, check with your insurance company! Most insurance companies require that your wood burning system be inspected and/or cleaned annually by a WETT certified professional.

Hire the right WETT Certified Professional for your needs!
(WETT Certified Chimney Sweep)


W.E.T.T. Inspections

WETT inspections, the most in-depth inspection available

Required by insurance providers to assure that the wood-burning appliance & chimney is installed to today's current standards

This service is required:

- At the time when a home is sold or purchased

- When a new installation of a wood burning appliance & chimney has occurred

You can request this service at any time for your own peace of mind and safety

Hire the right WETT Certified Professional for your needs!
(WETT Certified Inspector)

installation and sales

Installations & Sales

• Wood Stove Installations
• Wood Insert Installations
• Fireplace Installations
• Pellet Stove Installations
• Electric Fireplace Installations

We can provide you with the best Made-in-Canada wood burning appliances & chimneys

Whether you have already purchased the product & need it installed or need new product provided & installed, we are here for you!

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Hire the right WETT Certified Professional for your needs!
(WETT Certified Technician & Systems Advisors)

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Welcome to Mantario Chimney Services

Chimney services are so important to the homeowners, that is why at Mantario Chimney Services we take pride in providing all-rounded chimney services for the safety and efficiency of homes. This firm has assembled a team of experts who have experience in the industry and we fully understand what it takes to provide excellent chimney services. Whether it is just a simple check up or a deep cleaning or even complex repair or installation, you can be rest assured that we have Chimney services to suit all your needs.

Why Choose Mantario Chimney Services?

Mantario Chimney provides professional chimney services and works with clients to ensure all their needs are met. Here are some reasons to choose us for your wood stove, fireplace, or pellet stove installation, as well as your chimney maintenance needs:

Experienced Technicians: All our technicians are certified & experienced in installing different types of heating appliances and chimneys. This guarantees that each job is done in the best way.

Safety First: We conduct ourselves as well as our operations with a high level of safety in all our installations and maintenance services. This translates to fewer hazards and optimum safety and comfort in the homes we serve because we subscribe to industry standards in inspection.

Quality Workmanship: We always seek to do our best in our work. Be it a professional installation or technical cleaning of chimneys, we offer the best services to our clients.

Customer Satisfaction: Policies such as Customer Focus, which require us to be sensitive to your needs and concerned with customer satisfaction, imply that we will liaise with you to understand your needs and provide you with a service that meets those needs. We pride ourselves in providing transparent services with easy to understand language, with absolutely superior services provided and very reasonable charges.

Comprehensive Services: Fireplace repair, chimney repair, stone venting, wood stove installation, gas line installation – Mantario Chimney does it all! This is also a service that we pride ourselves for offering comprehensive services in home heating system safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Contact Us Today!

Do not underestimate chimney responsibilities that are well within the capacity of the do-it-yourself homeowner. Something can be done to ensure that your chimney becomes a well-functioning and safe funnel for your home – and that is by engaging us right now. You can either contact us using the contact number (204) 881-0822, or, you can also place your service order or get a free quote by submitting this web form. The warm family atmosphere in our chimney company allows our team to answer your questions and help you choose the correct path for your chimney needs.

The team at Mantario Chimney Services is here to meet all your home’s fireplace needs with safety and warmth as our constant goal. At Bath and Chimney Solutions, professional chimney services have got your back while you revel in the enjoyment of your home.

Pellet Stoves & Pellet Inserts

Interested in a pellet stove? Mantario Chimney supplies & installs Enviro Pellet Stoves and Enviro Pellet Inserts. Enviro Pellet products are made in Canada on Vancouver Island. Enviro takes great pride in the quality of its products and has set the standard for pellet stoves for many years to come making Enviro pellet products the right choice for Mantario Chimney. For every Enviro Pellet stove purchased, a tree is planted. For your free estimate or for more information call Mantario Chimney today!

Fireplace, Wood stove Installations & Sales

Mantario Chimney supplies & installs the best made in Canada wood-burning appliances and chimneys. Our Pacific Energy wood stoves set the benchmark for serious wood burners. Pacific Energy has created long-burning, environmentally-responsible wood stoves, inserts & fireplaces becoming the industry standard throughout North America. Pacific Energy products are made using the highest quality North American components. Mantario Chimney is excited to say we personally use Pacific Energy wood stoves for our home, shops, and cabin. For your free estimate or for more information call Mantario Chimney today!

Mantario Chimney carries the most complete line of high efficiency & decorative clean-burning fireplaces on the market. All our fireplace brands are built into the wall which maximizes ambiance and lighting. Valcourt fireplaces, the fireplace of your dreams are made in Canada by SBI located in Quebec. Valcourt fireplaces offer new non-catalytic heating technologies with all their elegance. Valcourt fireplaces allow you to customize your fireplace with 5 different faceplate louvers as well as black or brushed nickel door overlays to enhance your decor. Please see our products links tab in the menu above to customize the fireplace of your dreams today.

For your free estimate or for more information call Mantario Chimney today!

All of our products are EPA 2020 approved to meet current environmental standards

Please see our product links tab in the menu above to view all available products

Wood Stove Installation of Mantario Chimney

Wood stoves keeps everyone warm towards the ending part of the year and give your kitchen or dining area that rustic feel that is hard to resist. Mantario Chimney has expertise in Mantario wood stove installation to make sure that the newly installed chimney heater is secure to use and runs efficiently.

Comprehensive Fireplace Installation Services

To provide our clients with comprehensive solutions, Mantario Chimney also provides fireplace installation services. Regardless of your preference, whether you are considering the normal house wired electric or the more advanced gas or traditional wood burning fireplaces, we can assist you. It also important to us that each installation complies with the specific building codes and regulation in your area, further ensure your safety. As install your desired centerpiece in your living room.

Efficient Pellet Stove Installation

There are various heating systems in the market today and one that has received a lot of market attention is the pellet stove. These stoves employ compressed wood or biomass pellets as fuel and make use of a renewable source of energy which is relatively cheap and eco-friendly . By choosing Mantario Chimney for your pellet stove installation, rest assured that your new stove is installed to our standards for the best performance. He pointed out that our technicians are always equipped with full details on how to handle the installation especially when it comes to venting as well as safety checks.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspections

Several and varied heating appliances make use of chimneys, and several homeowners never deem it significant to realize that their chimney needs maintenance at certain times disregarding the kind of heating appliance that they use –whether it is a wood stove, a fireplace or a pellet stove. Chimney cleaning and chimney inspection services are some of the services provided by Mantario Chimney to help you keep your chimney well-functioning as it should. Therefore, the chimneys are swept of soot, creosote and other materials that when accumulated likely to cause fire.

When we are doing the inspections, we ensure that we observe a number of things so as to identify worrying signs about the structural integrity of the chimney and the flue and any part that we feel is significant enough to give indication of the possibility of problems arising in that area. Some of the Chimney Repairs include; damages that are manifested by cracks, blockages or bad flue liners should be detected to prevent further damages to the chimney. Mantario Chimney’s experienced professional staff always provide quality service to our customers by using proper diagnostic instruments to ensure your chimney system’s efficiency and safety.

DuraVent Chimney Products

DuraTech Premium Chimney

DuraTech Premium (DTP) Chimney has been designed to surpass Canada's stringent safety standards. DuraTech Premium offers a 2" double-wall insulated chimney for extra safety protection and to keep flue gases hotter in colder northern climates allowing your chimney to have optimum draft and functionality. Mantario Chimney chooses this chimney as the best chimney for Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Materials & Construction

2" mineral fiber insulation encased between inner and outer walls made of .016" 430 Stainless Steel


2" Clearances to combustibles


6", 7", 8"


Listed to ULC- S629 and UL 103HT by lntertek