Mantario Chimney is the leading provider of professional wood stove installation services. As a company that handles heating systems, our team of qualified professionals with years of experience to ensure warmth, comfort, and safety in your home. For all these reasons, when you decide to install a new wood stove for heating purposes, we carry out the installation process to meet all the requirements to make it work as required while at the same time giving you the kind of ambiance you desire for your home.


Choosing the right Company for Wood Stove installation services is crucial. Here’s why we stand out:

Certified Professionals: We have a team of certified technicians in installing wood stove and they have gone through proper trainings. It thus guarantees that the management of the installations is done in the most safe and efficient manner.

Comprehensive Services: You can avail of our services right from the stage of diagnosis of your Site, Meeting, quoting and then right up to the final stage of wood stove Installation and even subsequent Support.

Quality Products: This has enabled us to source quality wood stoves from top manufacturers to meet all your needs. Overall, we emphasize not just beautiful designs, but also low energy consumption, and eco-friendliness.

Customer Satisfaction: To ensure client satisfaction we always strive to provide high standard services. Our services involve liaising with you in order to gain an understanding of your specific requirements and expectation when it comes to wood stove installation so that the process can go on as planned.


Mantario Chimney has a clearly defined procedure in handling the installation of your wood stove to make sure that it will be set up efficiently and effectively. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our wood stove installation services:

Initial Consultation: We commence with an inclusive consultation to establish your specific heating requirements and other preferences. Thus we shall recommend you, the best wood stove that suits your home, in terms of decor and heat production.

Site Assessment: 
Each phase involves the necessary studies to find the right spot to install a wood stove in your home. Some reasons may include but not limited to the availability of ventilation, clearance, and structure to meet the quality installation flooring system.

Installation Planning: Then we make an installation plan, which depends upon the site assessment carried out by us. This encompasses working on the installation area, and acknowledging issues in regard to exhaust and how it will connect to the chimney.

Professional Installation: Its installation is done by our qualified technicians with so much expertise and delicate handling. In line with this, we strictly follow all safety measures pertaining to the use of the stoves and the guidelines given by the manufacturers.

Post-Installation Support: Once the installation is done, it only remains for us to offer you full assistance with the operations of the software as well as maintenance guidelines. The team is always ready to help should you have any questions or issues arising.


Energy Efficiency: Fireplaces work very effectively as a limited amount of wood yields a good amount of heat. This can be of great benefit when it comes to energy bills as you no longer require using heaters during the winter season.

Environmentally Friendly: Burning wood is not considered an activity that negatively impacts the environment because burning wood and utilizing wooden stoves is harmless to the environment because it regrows. Such sourcing of wood means that you will have found a way of successfully and meaningfully cutting down on your carbon foot print.

Aesthetic Appeal: These stoves are very popular in homes as they bring a certain character by giving off a warming vibrant glow. They are primarily an aesthetic decoration that can be placed in different areas of your house to improve its appearance.

Reliability: As sources of heat wood stoves prove credible particularly in cases where there is power outage. Wood stove is also important to guarantee that your home is warm and suitably accommodated in a fair prospect, emergencies included.


Are you prepared to change your home, and incorporate a stunning fireplace with a highly efficient wood stove? Wood stove installation is what Mantario Chimney does best – so reach out to us today for professional assistance. Our team of qualified personnel is always on hand to assist you whenever you are making a purchase of the stove or even installing the stove .

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